Our Story

Hartlam Textiles & Prints is a home based, home made, textile printing business, where you are guaranteed to find some of the finest local textile products for your home and self.



All of the Hartlam products are screen printed
in a small art studio on the outskirts
of Gauteng, South Africa.

This fabric is then turned into functional, everyday items, with the intent that art becomes a part of daily life.

This year, Hartlam Textiles & Prints will be focused on creating ways to eliminate single use plastic from any household, while still being stylish. Functionality, durability and affordability is key when it comes to breaking old habits. And that is just what we intend to do.

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    Hartlam Textiels & Prints
    Hartlam Textiels & Prints
    hand printed textiles

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Environmentally Conscious

We care about the environment and only use eco friendly inks

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100 % Cotton

The Hartlam range of products are made using 100% natural cotton


We use only local talents to get the job done!